Rigorous Training Could Affect Heart Health

MRI-scansA recent report has sent warning signals by claiming that excessive endurance exercise could be bad for the health of your heart. This has been told after MRI scans on 40 athletes, who were under strict training, were examined, and it was shown that they had extended heart muscles. The team, with the medical director of the London Marathon, Professor Sanjay Sharma is of the opinion that there is significant concern attached to hearth health if one is going through rigorous training. It was also found that whatever changes were seen in heart, were seen recovering in the next one week once they were done with the competitive event.

There is need for extended research in the same field so that conclusive statements could be said. As of now, this research has certainly light up some areas of work for the medical fraternity. However, Doireann Maddock of the British Heart Foundation is of the say that this study is not concrete enough to stop anybody not to go for rigorous schedule of physical burnout.

"Further long-term research will be necessary in order to determine if extreme endurance exercise can cause damage to the right ventricle of the heart in some athletes. Any endurance athletes who are concerned should discuss the matter with their GP”, said Doireann Maddock, who is of the say there are significant benefits attached to physical training and one cannot ignore this.

Published online in the European Heart Journal, this research has brought out that physical activity beyond a particularly level could be detrimental for health. There are many who are excessively inclined towards running, cycling and swimming, but one must not forget that excess of anything is bad. There is need for giving significant attention to impact of rigorous training on human health.