Work Cannot Make Amends for Gloomy Home Life

Work Cannot Make Amends for Gloomy Home LifeMaking an immensely surprising disclosure, a recently concluded study, which was carried out by researchers from London’s Kingston University, has claimed that slogging away during working hours can by no means make amends for a despondent life at home.

The study has claimed that workaholics, people who try to overcome their unhappy home life by trying to make it up at work, are doing nothing but deceiving themselves.

During their study, the researchers discovered an association between the levels of happiness of people in their personal day-to-day life and the levels of their satisfaction at work, with special reference to people who are the main bread earners in their households.

However, it was not in relevance of those trying to take up work as a source of compensating for their unhappy and unsatisfied personal life. While expressing his opinion in this regard, the lead researcher of the study, Prof. Yannis Georgellis said that the work and life domains are absolutely interlinked to each other. Happiness at home majorly tends to influence your mood and performance at work and vice versa. “Although there is a clear 'spillover' effect from one area of life to the other, there is no evidence that people who are very unhappy at home will feel 'compensated' by work in any way”, he added.

The survey, which studied relevant data for in excess of 10,000 people all over 30 European nations, found that there was a feeble association between life and job satisfaction in wealthier countries while the correlation was burly in poorer nation like those in the Eastern European region.

The findings of the research, which describes that staying happy during working hours gets way to out-of-importance for the overall and general wellbeing of women at the time when their children get into their pre-schooling age, possibly due to the fact that it severely modified the definition of priorities for working mothers.