Research to See Reaction of Monkeys at Marwell Wildlife about Touch Screens

Research to See Reaction of Monkeys at Marwell Wildlife about Touch ScreensIn a recent study, it had been revealed that monkeys have been roped in to make sure that they learn how to operate iPads and iPhones. This is being done by a team from Marwell and the University of Portsmouth. This is being done at Marwell Wildlife so that the team can find out monkeys react to such gadgets. Their mental capability along with emotional stability would be examined.

All those who wish to see this can see monkeys doing work in a glassed area. It would be worth seeing how endangered Sulawesi crested macaques will respond to touch screens. It's being believed that this study would allow the team to understand how macaques perceive the world. This would allow then to display their reaction and emotions towards such technological advancements.

"The animals can make choices using the touch screens and this offers us a direct window into their understanding. It allows us to ask scientific questions that can't be addressed by observational studies alone", said lead scientist Dr. Bridget Waller, from the university's department of psychology, who is of the view that this study would make them more aware about the complex interactions of the animals with world.

It has been made sure that the macaques which are living at Marwell Wildlife in a social group are allowed to roam in a limited area where researchers would be seeing them closely. There would be no condition on animals whatsoever to continue the activity or not. They would be given food as well so that they feel comfortable in the presence of researchers.

It's is being believed that this study would make one understand how social interactions are being done by them, thereby making it more understandable about their view on world.