Turbo Drinks Apologize For Blood Donation Publicity

Turbo Drinks Apologize For Blood Donation PublicityTurbo Drinks Company has apologized for the mistake being conducted by one of their volunteers. They organized a blood donation camp and put it on social networking site Facebook. To publicize it, the student announced that people who would donate blood would be given a free drink.

The activity took place on November 25, which saw great assembly of young British students at temporary blood donation camp at Armley, Leeds. All of those who donated blood were given free drinks, which was an alcopop.

This activity has been condemned by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) as they said donation of blood is quite noble cause and mixing it with some promotion and that too with provision of alcohol drink is wrong.

As soon as company heads got to know about the promotional activity they removed it from their Facebook page. They have apologized on the behalf of student, whom they have recruited for this programme.

Nigel Tarn from Turbo Drinks said they keep on recruiting students for such activities, but they apologize for what has happened. He said, "In this instance, one of our students in Leeds has made an error of judgment for which we apologize".

The NHSBT said they are more concerned about the message that has been transferred to others through this promotional event. When they ask people to donate blood then they specially ask them to make sure that they have not consumed alcohol within 24 hours before donating blood.

There is no connection between donation of blood and alcohol. But Turbo Drinks Company was found to be taking out a link between them by offering them alcohol after blood donation session.

Offered drink had 4% of alcohol with lemonade as a base. Consultants have asked the government to put a ban on such promotional activities which encourage children to drink.