Hospitals Unaware of Source of Food Supply, Says Survey

Hospitals Unaware of Source of Food Supply, Says SurveyA survey has revealed that only 14% of the hospitals are aware about the place from where its food is supplied. The survey was conducted by the Countryside Alliance Foundation.

During the survey, it was found that Lynn's Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) is one of the few hospitals which knew about the supplier of their food. The Chief Executive of QEH, Mark Henry, said, "We have an award-winning catering team and as a Trust we have always been firm believers in supporting local growers and suppliers".

From past many years, QEH has been getting its food products from Britain. The Hospital relies over the local food rather than on the imported food. Last year, the Hospital spent about £643,000 on buying the local food products.

Alice Barnard, from the Countryside Alliance Foundation, noted that relying upon local food items is the best option as they can be trusted and food quality is also good. A patient being fed on the local food tends to recover efficiently.

The Countryside Alliance Foundation is now planning to recommend the government to make the provision of supplying local food products in the hospitals. About four London NHS trusts have already shown interest in buying local food items as they prove cost-effective.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that an agreement has been signed between BMI Healthcare and a number of NHS trusts which will come to effect next year. The agreement is for ten years. It would prove out to be an example of public and private partnership in improving the NHS.

It has been informed that as many as 44 NHS trusts would be enrolled into the agreement. Under the agreement, an amount of £150 million would be spent every year over medical products. It is hoped that through this agreement, better treatment for fatal diseases would be find out.