‘Movember’ Winner Announced

‘Movember’ Winner AnnouncedThe winner of the Movember event has finally been announced. The staff of Queen’s College of Taunton raised an amount of more than £2300, which helped it in winning the event. While acknowledging the efforts of the staff, Team captain Steve Eaton Evans said, “This has been a really fun way of raising money for research into prostate and testicular cancer. Only yesterday one of our team received an anonymous donation for £1500 so it’s already proving quite effective!”.

The event Movember is celebrated every year in the month of November, with the hope of raising funds for men’s health and especially for prostate cancer. It is the only month when they are given the opportunity to discuss their health related problems.

The Movember event was started in Australia in 2003. Since then, it has captured the attention of many countries and has become one of the most popular events. Men from various communities grow weirdest types of mustaches.

In some funny incidences, a few were asked by their family members to get their mustaches shaved as it looked horrifying on them. In fact, they were even paid for getting its shaved. And yet another case, a man received facial injury while giving shape to his mustache and had to take stitches.

All over, the event had been a fun event as people from various part of the world have contributed in its success. The growing popularity of Movember event shows that awareness among men about prostate cancer is growing.

On 2nd of December, a wrap up party was held to say bye to Movember. It has been informed by Movember Canada website that this year about 246,428 people got registered themselves and helped in raising $38,447,141 for Prostate Cancer Canada. It is hoped that next year as well people will participate in the event with same pompous and zeal.