Is Feds' Pill Decision Wrong?

Is Feds' Pill Decision Wrong?Science and politics both play vital role in many aspects of a country, be it science, technology or any other stream. Sometimes, decisions are backed by scientific reason whereas many times political reasons play important role in restricting or taking off any action.

Somewhat similar was the situation when Ms. Susan Wood quit her job in 2005, when she was working as an assistant commissioner for woman’s health at the Food and Drug Administration. During her services, the official noticed that the political forces (rather than the scientific ones), were actually delaying efforts to make the Plan B emergency contraceptive pills available without prescription to the public.

But after four years, she regained her joy on noticing that President Barack Obama has passed a new statement saying that decisions in his administration would be based only on science and thus, politics will play no role anywhere in any of the concerned decisions.

But, what happened recently made her said that she is even beyond disappointed. Here we are talking about the recent decision that has been made by Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services on Wednesday, according to which, the official suggested preventing any further expansion of Plan B’s over-the-counter use especially to adolescents.

The decision has also overruled FDA staffers and the drug agency’s commissioner, Mr. Margaret Hamburg.

“This is contrary to the scientific integrity memo signed by Obama”, Wood said. “It’s contrary to the whole principal of making decisions based on science and evidence. The decision sets a terrible precedent for the whole breadth and depth of the FDA”.

The main question that stands here is whether the decision can change the way medicines are regulated?