Carry Medications to Avoid Rushing To Emergency Wards on Holidays

Carry Medications to Avoid Rushing To Emergency Wards on HolidaysPatients have been advised to get their repeat prescriptions ordered as soon as possible so that they can get timely treatment for seasonal flu and other ailment during bank holidays and vacations. Every year, clinics performing surgeries and pharmaceutical stores are close on vacation and often people tend to forget it and fail to grab their treatment or medication timely.

Therefore, the NHS Derbyshire County has taken the responsibility of making people aware of the fact that clinics would remain closed after Christmas for two days. Besides, hospitals will also remain closed on 2nd of January.

It has been found that every year people forget to repeat the prescription order during the bank holidays and therefore causes a rush in the emergency care, which remains open throughout the bank holidays to provide treatment to emergency cases.

With the pursuit of minimizing the rush at the emergency ward, the authorities are asking people to get their medication before the closing of clinics for bank holidays. Gail Walder, urgent care manager said, "We're also advising anyone who regularly orders a repeat prescription to pop into their pharmacy a week early to collect it . anyone needing to see a doctor out of hours should call their surgery as usual and they will be redirected to an out-of-hours GP."

On this Christmas, the NHS authorities want people to behave sensibility by not consuming too much of alcohol which may lead to hospitalization, during Christmas it is quite common for people to get injured after having too much of alcohol.

The NHS has launched a series of short films to make people aware of the trauma faced by the NHAS staff during the bank holidays. Winter flu jabs should be the first priority of people vulnerable of getting affected with it before going on holidays.