NHS Surrey Urging Carers to Get Seasonal Flu Jabs

Seasonal-Flu-JabsWinter is here and so is the time when people have to stay more cautious and opt for maximum preventive measures to stay safe from catching any flu-type illness.

Showing concern over carers as well as their patients’ health, the NHS Surrey primary care trust is urging maximum carers to get vaccinated with seasonal flu jabs in order to best protect themselves. The recommendation is also for those who fear catching any illness, especially during winters.

The NHS Surrey primary care trust, i. e. the county’s health care commissioner, is urging people as well as carers to adopt preventive measures at earliest so as to make the number of affected people stand lowest this winter.

Mr. Becky Kite, the organization’s immunization lead, said regarding the situation: “People should not underestimate the dangers of flu. It is a highly infectious illness and can be very serious, especially for people who are already unwell with a long-term health condition. It really is the best way to protect yourself and anyone who relies on you”.

He also highlighted the adversity of situation if carers are not there to take care of an elderly or disabled relative or friend. Moreover, he also made people aware regarding what to do in such situation.

Illnesses like flu sounds very common, but are actually severe enough to weaken the body of affected person very badly. And then, it could take even more than couple of weeks for him to recover properly.

Thus, the NHS Surrey primary care trust is primarily aiming to urge and encourage carers to contact their GP practice and get free flu jabs at earliest.