Gay Men Need To Be Empowered

Gay-MenA team of researchers from the U. S is of the view that legalizing marriage for gay men, would help in creating a better environment for them. It was revealed that the number of health visits gay men made in Massachusetts, was reduced by a substantial limit after gay marriages were legalized there. This was reported in the Public Health Journal from America, it being irrespective of the fact whether the men, were in a stable relationship or not.

Researchers from a charity society revealed how there was a clear connection between the health and happiness of these men.

Social exclusion is such a stigma for these men that they might tend to go to the extent of suicidal thoughts as well as depression due to the same. This is when people tend to stay away from them and make them complete outcast.

The research group is of the view that there is need for people to understand that they are individuals with a little different choice, and they need to be given their rights as well. If they want to marry men, they should be allowed to do so, this is the only way of giving them acceptance and recognition in the society.

The authors of the study were of the view that when these men were given their rights, there was a substantial decrease in their stress and depression levels and this would also reduce the number of cases of blood pressure problems, and the major ‘adjustment problems ‘that gay men have. They don’t have to be forcefully married to girls and they need to have a right to choose their own life partners and way of living. This would be the only way of helping them live a healthier life.