£4.5 Million Paid In Compensation to Harassed Doctor

Eva-MichalakIt has been recently revealed that a doctor, who had been tricked and lied to by her employer, has been given a compensation of £4.5million for the same. All this started when she had to give up her job for a while due to her pregnancy.

It is actually the largest compensation been given to a public sector worker ever. All this money would mean the salaries of as many as 201 nurses. All this could’ve easily been avoided by the NHS if they had opted to settle out of court.

What the authorities did to her was that they held secret conversations and meetings in order to pt false allegations towards her so that they wouldn’t have to pay for her maternity leaves. Also they didn’t want her back at work again. This is a very cruel thing to do to someone who has devotedly worked for the institution and has taken leave due to being pregnant.

The name of the doctor is Eva Michalak, and she said the authorities of her workplace had given her a really tough time. They had planned false against her at the ­Pontefract General ­Infirmary, West Yorks.

She normally used to earn £90,000 a year, and has suffered lots of such backbiting incidences in the past as well, she said describing her ordeal as ‘living hell’.

“They basically hounded me because I had a baby. They destroyed my life, my health and my career. Their dishonesty was ­staggering. It was frightening and sinister. I have been profoundly traumatized by the conduct of fellow doctors”.

She further added that she underwent a lot of psychological torture in her time working there.