40 Years Old Elephant’s Eye Removed

Elephant-EyeDuchess, a 40 year old female elephant is the first one in Britain whose eye has been removed due to painful vision problem. For a long time she was having cataracts which with passage of time has got worsen and let her suffer with inflammation pain.

Both her eyes had cataract and this year April, she got diagnosed with glaucoma. This let her totally blind from her right eye and barely could she see anything from left one. So, only solution left was to take her eyeball through surgery.

In order to do it, 15 vets, nurses and animal keepers worked as a team to gift this four tonne beauty a happy and healthy life. Ophthalmologist Jim Carter said “We drafted in a fairly large team of people for the anaesthesia side and a specialist to try to help remove the globe and close everything up so she can go on to live a happy and healthy life”.

Proper arrangements were done in order to ensure that she breathes throughout the surgery. In order to do that lot of equipments were placed around her body. She was sedated and then was put on a drip.

Surgery went smooth, said Carter, who further affirmed that they would be taking proper care of her. Duchess eye has been sewn, and this one thing for which she has to get used to.

The team cheered for Duchess when she stood on her feet after a few minutes of operation. She took a full round of Paignton Zoo, which is in Devon and was found to be eating and looking well.

There is no doubt that she would be looking tired for some days, but that is due to sedation and surgery effect, and would be fine after a few days.