GP Contracts Could Soon Be devolved to Scottish Government

Nicola-SturgeonScottish Government can soon get the control of the GP contracts following the recent proposals of our government that is planning to integrate health and social services more closely.

Presently negotiated on a UK-wide basis, the priorities for GP care can soon be devolved to Scottish Government for the purpose, if the proposals pass.

The current annual budget of GP care is £714 million for Scotland but proposals could soon shake the estimations as the Scottish Government has plans to negotiate the figures by around three-quarters separately for Scotland.

Health Secretary Ms. Nicola Sturgeon suggested that the authorities must take the responsibility for the elements of the contract because it primarily focuses upon public health that the action would definitely help doctors to play central roles in integrating health and social care.

Sources said that the plans could also transfer thousands of community care staff from local authorities to health boards. Thus, the British Medical Association is suggesting that the changes made to the GP contract must be evidence-based and should deliver equal benefits as were being given by the UK contract to the patients since its introduction in 2004.

Health Secretary will be soon be detailing upon the proposal and also, there is news that GPs across the country will be consulted over the next three months for the matter.

She said: "The work contract for Scottish GPs is currently negotiated on a UK basis. Given the scale of the challenges we face, and the changes in England, the time is now right to ask ourselves whether that is still appropriate. I do not believe that it is”.

She further advised that the NHS reforms present in England actually act as threat following which it is becoming tougher for the contract to ensure that Scottish patients receive quality care while treatment.