800 Touched by Winter Vomiting Bug in a Week’s Time

Winter-Vomiting-BugIt is barely a week inside this year’s winter and the extremely harmful vomiting bug has already started playing carnage over the region, thereby, calling its shots over more than 800 patients that have been gripped heavily by the disastrous bug. As a result of the same, hospitals in the region are filled to the rafters with more number of cases being confirmed this week as compared to the number of cases confirmed for vomiting bug during the last week.

As per recent information, it has been revealed that in excess of 40 trusts have been bothered heavily by the Norovirus outbreak. With the intent of limiting the spread of virus through hospitals, the authorities have shuttered most of their wards for visitors.

In recent reports released by the Health Protection Agency, it has clearly mentioned that the total count of incidences until this very moment of the season has increased five-folds when compared to the same time in 2010.

However, officials have stressed on the verity that the weekly rates related to the spread of the infection in the region no longer holds novelty, though they admitted the point that the figures being recorded at such an early stage of winter are in fact a bit more worse than usual.

As a matter of fact, the number of people affected during the last week is considerably lower in comparison with the last year. Around millions of people in the United Kingdom are struck down because of the virus each year and the usual indications of infection include sudden vomiting, headache, diarrhea and temperature.

Though it is not exactly life-threatening sort of infection, it generally results in severe dehydration among the elderly, young kids or patients suffering from crucial health complications that tends to weaken their immune system.