Generic Oppugners Jockey for Position, Lipitor's Sales Bisected

LipitorAs per the data released by IMS on Monday, it has been revealed that in excess of 476,000 fresh prescriptions in context of generic Lipitor, mainly dubbed as atorvastatin, were to the top right through the week ended on December 9. In addition, it has been found that almost 80% prescriptions were meant for the generic version of Watson.

As a result of the same, the sales of cholesterol chartbuster Lipitor were found half-chopped scarcely a week later than the world's blockbuster medicine received its first ever US generic competition, as shown by data released recently.

That's regardless of an extremely desperate and perhaps utterly belligerent attempt on part of Lipitor maker Pfizer for keeping patients stuck on the pill manufactured by them, which apparently generated massive sales of around $13bn on a yearly basis, mainly by the means of patient subsidies and lofty rebates provided to its insurers.

Earlier on November 30, Lipitor lost its patent protection in the United States, where the pill was a proving wonders for the drugmaker, and was still banking in excess of $7.9bn on an annual sales basis. Two generic versions priced almost one-third less than the Lipitor’s drug has straightaway made its dream debut in the market. Out of the two said medicines, one has been developed by India's Ranbaxy Laboratories, while the other relates to an authorized generic, developed by Pfizer and is being sold by its partner enterprise, dubbed Watson Pharmaceuticals.

The recent release of two generic versions, of course at much cheaper rate when compared to the cost of similar medicines that were available earlier Lipitor's sales were witnessed experiencing a heavy tremble. Not only it’s sales have reduced by almost 50%, it might be considered as an alpha of its tough time ahead, more as various pharmaceutical giants are now looking up and willing to merge, or join hands on some of their products and projects, with the primus intention of developing medicines that can be delivered to customers at extensively competitively, reasonable and lower prices against their rivals. After all; that’s what we call the ballgame of business. No matter what transpire in near future, one thing is clean as a whistle: the rising competition among different pharmaceutical giants is going to deliver goods and only goods for patients who can now expect getting crucial and life
-saving medicines at wallet-friendly prices.