One Patient Suffering From C. Difficile Disease Succumbs At Niagara Hospital

One Patient Suffering From C. Difficile Disease Succumbs At Niagara HospitalIt has been recently revealed that C. Difficile has claimed the life of a patient at the Greater Niagara General Hospital. This report has been confirmed by the Niagara Health System. They were of the view that the patient, who was suffering from the disease and was undergoing treatment for the same in the hospital, has succumbed to his condition.

It was revealed by a spokesperson Ms. Caroline Bourque- Willey, from the Niagara Health System, that the family is grieving and it is a very difficult time for them. She further added that the entire Niagara Health System expresses their grief and condolences for the family.

It was further added that the deceased was an elderly person and that he was suffering from a number of serious health problems.

He further revealed that a detailed investigation is going to be conducted by the coroner, and it shall be determined whether C. Difficile had any role to play in his death. The recent outbreak of the disease had put many in life threatening conditions and 17 had succumbed to the same. There are now researches being done on where the disease originated. Meanwhile, the health authorities are making efforts for awareness camps and prevention programs, so that the onset of the disease can be averted in others.

There have been as many as 37 deaths in various hospitals across Niagara, due to the disease and there is need for controlling the root cause of the same, before the outbreak worsens.

The community needs to be warned further for adopting proper measures for preventing the disease, and the onset of the same can be prevented only through combined efforts of the people and the health authorities.