Need For Improved Sex Education

Need For Improved Sex EducationIt has been recently revealed according to a recent survey, that men are really the ones who brag about their sexual life. They claim to have twice the number of sexual partners than women do, in a lifetime. According to the survey done by the Health Survey for England, women admit to having had about 4.7 partners on an average, whereas, men want their scores to be set higher at 9.3 on an average.

So does this really men they have slept with 9 different women in their lives? Maybe, maybe not. There are other figures which differentiate between men and women. For e. g. about 25% of the women said they had been with only one man in their entire life, whereas men saying the same were 17%.

Again a quarter of the women surveyed were of the revelation that they had sex, before they turned legally eligible, and hadn’t always used protection for the same.

What if these figures are really true? What if everyone is making honest confessions and not bragging about their sexual lives? This would raise major questions for the health industry. This would mean there is still need for better campaigning to be done so that people understand that safe sex is important. They need to be further lectured about the need for using protection and being loyal to their partners.

People need to be more responsible towards themselves and their partners. They need to do all this so that no one of them gets sexually infected, and leads a healthy and fulfilling life. The sexual education being given to young children needs to be modified and the media also needs to play a role in deglamorizing sex a bit, so that children don’t do it just for the heck of being in the ‘in’ crowd, and wait for the right age and time.