Wales Government Determined to Reduce Cancer Rates

CancerIt has been reported that the authorities of Wales are planning to form a strategy to reduce the cancer rates. The Welsh Government has asked the medical authorities of local government, third sector and the public sector to0 work closely so that cancer rates could be minimized by 2016.

A short documentary for the public would also be issued with the aim of making them aware of what the government is up to. Moreover, every Health Board would also be forming their cancer plan. In the coming next five years, the medical authorities would be working over forming effective strategies to fight cancer.

The aim of the Welsh Government is to find a strategy which could help it in having many lower cases of cancer then Europe. The Health Board has been asked to conduct regular survey over patients to know the satisfaction they are getting from the quality of care and treatment being provided to them.

Besides, the Health Board would also be responsible for publishing annual cancer report. The Health Minister, Lesley Griffiths, was reported as saying, “Cancer remains a top priority for the Welsh Government. Although Wales has seen some of the most significant improvements in cancer survival in the UK during the last few years, the incidence of cancer is increasing”.

Previous studies have showed that by bringing changes in the lifestyle, the chances of being affected with cancer would be prevented. Within 12 months, the public would be able to witness the significant changes in the way cancer treatments are being provide to patients.

The Health Minister has asked the medical authorities to bring in quality care and treatment for cancer so that the government could achieve its goals effectively without any delays.