US Scientists Press For Covering 'Bird Flu' Researches

Bird-FluIt seems that senior US scientists would not budge in their efforts to ensure that there could be no lingering danger over the disclosure of two separate researches. It has been found that the research work done by the teams, one from Netherlands and the other in the United States, had developed a lethal strain of a mutant bird flu virus.

There is need to keep the theory attached with the extensive work under covers else there could be misuse of the same by external forces. This is what has been told by top US scientists that such sort of research work must be kept under covers.

Though the bird flu is told to be rare in humans, if someone gets affected by it, this could prove out to be deadly. There have been 350 deaths so far because of this strain.

However, this issue has certainly disappointed those who have worked ardently on the underlying theory, thereby saying that this research work is imperative for surveillance and the hunt for vaccines. They are of the say that freedom of academic research is a must for research field to explore range of options.

The research has been shared by Dutch scientists at public forums, and that’s what has caused many members to press for keeping the research work confidential so that it is kept away from reaching wrong hands.

"The US government is the one that paid for these experiments, so I think that it is the responsibility of the US government to step forward at this time. But it needs to be a global effort and we need a global consensus”, said the chair of the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, Paul Keim.

There are lingering fears that if it got into the hands of any extremist group, they could take significant benefit out of it for their vested interest.