Malaria Vaccine to go through Human Trial

Malaria Vaccine to go through Human TrialIt has been reported that for the first time, a human trial of a malaria vaccine is about to start, which will be aimed at knowing the effects of the medication over humans. The vaccine, called PfRH5, has been designed by the Oxford researchers.

For the past many years, malaria has been taking toll over the lives of many residing at the areas like South Africa. The authorities concerned have taken up many measures to deal with it but no concrete treatment has been found.

In the previous studies, the UK researchers found that malaria parasites rely on red blood cells to enter to affect humans. The Oxford researchers have created vaccine on the bases of the findings of the UK researchers.

The researchers of the Oxford University were reported as saying "We have found a way of making antibodies that kill all different strains of malaria parasite. This is still early phase research in animals. The next step is to do clinical trials in people".

If the trial proves successful then the vaccine would be made available for clinical use and will definitely save many lives. The vaccine has already been tested over animal module and it should that vaccine can kill the parasites of malaria which affects human in number of ways.

The findings of the experiment conducted over animal model were published in the journal Nature Communications. The researchers are hopeful that through this vaccine malaria could be eradicated from the world, which accounts for millions of life. At present no cure for malaria is available. It has been informed that the vaccine works by strengthening the immune system against malaria parasites. It is hoped that the vaccine would prove successful on human trial.