Authorities Seeking Fat Tax on Soft Drinks

Authorities Seeking Fat Tax on Soft DrinksObesity has been taking toll over the lives of many all over the world. Therefore, with the pursuit of reducing the chances of one become obese, it has been proposed that the soft drinks should be levied with new 10% 'fat tax'.

The authorities of the UK believe that by imposing heavy taxation over soft drinks like cola and fizzy sodas, obesity in the UK could be controlled. Previous studies have showed that obesity can trigger life threatening diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Therefore, it has become necessary for the authorities to keep obesity in check.

The plea to introduce `fat tax' has got special attention in the pages of the British Journal of Nutrition. It has come to light5 that a number of countries have already levied heavy taxes over soft drinks so that the trade of it could be minimized.

Denmark was the first country to levy heavy tax on soft drinks. Following the footsteps of Denmark, France and Finland also introduced heavy taxes. Now, the UK is looking forward to put an end to obesity by bringing in `fat tax' over soft drinks.

However, the soft drink industry has criticized the idea saying that it is ineffective and unfair on the government's part. But, the medical experts and educationalists are asking for legislative control over the substance which is capable of making one obese.

While acknowledging the plea, Dr. Mike Rayner from Oxford University said, ".that fiscal measures are an underused mechanism which may prove to be an important public health tool for influencing people's food choices away from those high in saturated fat, salt or sugar".

Dr. Mike Rayner further added that legislative representatives should commission a review over the impact of soft drinks on lives and about the outcome of higher taxes over soft drinks.