Breast Implant Removal Pending For French Women

Breast Implant Removal Pending For French WomenThere is soon going to be an announcement made by the French government regarding whether or not the women with faulty silicon breast implants need to get rid of them. It was only last year that these implants by the French company Poly Implant Prosthese had been banned by the government assuming that they had a non-medically approved silicon filling layer in it.

On the other hand, the women who have had implants in the UK have been warned that they do not have any reasons to worry.

They have further said that women who have any sort of queries regarding their implants, and are in any sort of doubts, should contact their doctors, before planning to get them removed. It is in France that there have been a number of cases where the implants have ruptured and have caused trouble for the patients.

It was revealed that the French government is ready to pay the expenses for the removal of the breast implants done to as many as 30, 000 women, who are under the shadow of these faulty implants, but won't pay for the new implants, unless it had been previously done, after a mastectomy.

There have been even been many cases of breast cancer, that have come up, as a result of these faulty implants, and it is essential that the authorities take a serious note of the situation before it further move out of hand. There is need for the effective removal of these implants for the women, it is needed for.

"The MHRA's current advice to women with any type of breast implant continues to be that women who are concerned about their breasts or think that their implants may have ruptured, should seek clinical advice from their implanting surgeon", revealed the MHRA agency.