Obesity Might Be Provoked by Mother’s Dislike

ObesityIt has been recently revealed in a report that children who don’t have good relationship with their mothers might tend to fall prey to obesity. Researchers are of the view that toddlers who don’t bond well with their mothers, due to any reason, might tend to be obese by the time they reach their teenage.

It was further added that those children who have the worst sort of emotional relations with their mother are at a 2.5-times higher risk of falling prey to obesity. For the same, many toddlers and teens were surveyed by the U. S. researchers. They found that the affection and love of the mother played a very important part in building good eating habits of children.

It was further added that children who were deprived of love and affection by mother seem to take respite from food, and this is how they seed to put on oodles of weight by the time they reach their teenage. Children tend to brood over the relationships they share with others, especially their parents. This might be a very easy and vulnerable moment for one to take on to binge eating and then put on weight.

"We need to think about how we can support better-quality maternal-child relationships because that could have an impact on child health. A well-regulated stress response could influence how children sleep and whether they eat in response to emotional distress”, revealed Sarah Anderson, from the Ohio State University, an epidemiology professor.

There is a need for mothers to build a strong emotional bond with their children, despite all odds, so that they keep away from such emotional eating and don’t tend to spoil their teenage by becoming overweight and lethargic.