New H5N1 Strain: Too Dangerous To Reveal

New H5N1 Strain: Too Dangerous To RevealThe new strain of H5N1 that has been developed by researchers of the Netherland and the US is so dangerous that the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity has recommended that its findings and other details should not be publicized.

But, there are some experts who think that publication of these details could help to find a treatment for strain and it would also help them to give warning to people before it becomes a pandemic. But, the board members do not agree with them and affirmed that benefits would be limited.

They cited an example of swine flu and asserted that that time they knew about it, but they could not control the widespread of the problem. There is also great possibility that if details of this strain are published, then it is also possible that terrorists could use it as a way to kill people.

Scientists supporting board members were of the views that just like the researchers from US and the Netherland have developed a strain through bird flu, there are chances that this strain could witness changes naturally and then, they could develop some sort of treatment for it.

Even if the treatment is to be made, then it could also be developed without making the findings public. Interested candidates could approach the researchers any time and could work with them. So, publicizing the details of the strain would not be beneficial for people. Those who have already been working on developing the vaccine could contact researchers as if another development has bane witnessed by them or not.

Health experts are not ready to listen such excuses and they affirmed that they have the freedom of right and expression, and also have right to see any research as basic principle of the research is that it should be made public.