Epilepsy Doesn’t Trigger Violent Behavior, Say Researchers

Epilepsy Doesn’t Trigger Violent Behavior, Say ResearchersA recent research over epilepsy has delinked it with the long-held belief that the disease cause violent behavior among patients. Since the 19th century, it was believed that epilepsy can make people violent. But, the recent research has questioned the long held belief of the experts.

The research was carried out by researchers from Oxford University. The researchers observed epilepsy patients of Sweden who got registered between 1973 and 2009 for epilepsy related disorder. It was found that only 4.2% of the epilepsy patients showed violent behavior.

The researchers have pointed out that epilepsy is considered a stigma, and therefore patients are often discriminated in the community. While commenting on the findings of the research, Mike Kerr, of the Cardiff University, said, "This is an important, well-conducted study that adds valuable information to diminish one of the unproven stigmas associated with epilepsy".

The researchers have highlighted that violent behavior can be observed and conducted by anybody. It is not important for people suffering from epilepsy to show violent behavior. It is quite natural for a person to be violent when somebody intrigues in his/her personal life.

It is believed that as epilepsy patients are considered as stigma, there are high chances of inspiring violent behavior among them, which is basically against the unacceptable behavior of the society. The researchers are hopeful that their findings will lead to improvement in the way society perceives epilepsy patients.

Although researchers of Oxford University have clearly delinked violence and epilepsy, there is a need to conduct further studies so that exact conclusion could be drawn. It is hoped that through the findings of the researchers, discrimination against epilepsy patients would be eliminated from the society.