NHS Solicits Urgent, Smart Makeover

NHSModernizing the facilities being provided by the NHS, enhancing the treatment of vulnerable elderly patients at home and reducing hospital stays would be the some of the many agendas on which the NHS would be working during the next year.

The Head of NHS Confederation, Mike Farrar said "We should be concentrating on reducing hospital stays where this is right for patients, shifting resources into community services, raising standards of general practice, and promoting early intervention and self-care”.

These changes would not only give temporary benefit, but it is a way to build the NHS for whole life. Targeting politicians, Farrar said they should also fulfill their responsibilities. NHS leaders also feel the same, and they affirmed that they should talk about above the changes more often.

They have a better convincing power then others so if they would address their fears about closures of hospital services, it would be best for them as well for people. Modernization is one thing they look for, said the NHS Confederation’s Health Minister Simon Burns.

The current structure of the NHS is not more than any old dingy building which demands a modernized looks, so that they can provide a better community-based system that is the most urgent demand of the recent times.

If they want to be at par with other developed countries then modernization is the first thing they should go for. It would not only safeguard the NHS health service, but would also make patients as end beneficiaries.

The next thing they need to work on is providing more services at community level. It would help people get desired services at local level, and would ease the pressure which hospitals face.

For now, the NHS should shift its resources into community service and should also make sure general practise standards are raised. If services get more accessible at local level, then it will perhaps result in early intervention and promotion of self care.