Cameron Trying Hard to Deal with Binge Drinking

Cameron Trying Hard to Deal with Binge DrinkingBinge drinking, for long, has been a topic of discussion among the political parties. However, this time, Prime Minister David Cameron, has taken the decision of setting minimum prices of alcohol sold in the shops.

David Cameron is hopeful that through this step people especially youngsters can be saved from the ill practice of binge drinking. However, the proposal by David Cameron has received a serious criticism from the opposition, which is of the view that the practice would is illegal according to European trade law.

Tory MPs and Attorney General Dominic Grieve have raised voice against the proposed plan of setting minimum price of alcohol. Critics have warned that the plan would lead to aggression among the families which are already grappling with the financial crunch.

Tory MP Christopher Chope has warned that the government should not dare to interfere with the trade policies of the Europe. There are a few who are supporting David Cameron proposal.

But, Tory MPs are openly criticizing the proposals of David Cameron. It has been pointed out by a recent study that by setting minimum prices of alcohol about 300 deaths every year could be prevented. Binge drinking has been linked to diseases like cancer and liver failure. Moreover, binge drinking also leads to road accidents.

While commenting on the strategy to be adopted to deal with the growing cases of binge drinking, a Whitehall source said: “The Prime Minister has decided that when it comes to alcohol, something pretty radical now has to be done and he is keen on the minimum price”.

It is hoped that soon the Government will be able to deal with the growing cases of binge drinking which is threatening the future of young minds.