Early Hospital Discharges Raising Concern Over Care

elderly-patientsThe facts and words are not matching when it comes to readmission list of elderly patients. The official data for this year says that there has been a considerable rise in number of readmissions of elderly patients in emergency care in hospitals. Despite this revelation, a Scottish Government spokesman denies to accept this as a truth.

In fact, he is turning the issue in different direction by saying that early discharges from the hospitals have just one motive and that is to increase the accessibility of resources in community. So patients and especially elderly ones could get treatment at community level.

However, point to be considered is more than 40, 000 elderly patients’ have got readmitted in emergency within 28 days of their hospital discharge. Even if hospitals are doing it for the benefit of elderly patients then are not they seeing condition of patients before discharging them into community.

This way, doctors are not only increasing the pressure on them but also wasting the resources which would ultimately reduce the efforts to zero. Data showed that 29,013 people above 65 years got readmitted in hospital for emergency care. Additional 11,873 people who underwent surgery had to be readmitted in emergency within four weeks.

Whole issue gives indication that Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation Mike Farrar’s announcement has already been started following. He is the one who is calling for lesser hospital beds bookings and providing care at community level or home care. For good or bad, but current situation shows Mike’s words are increasing problems.

Not a long time has passed when he said, “We should be concentrating on reducing hospital stays where this is right for patients, shifting resources into community services, raising standards of general practice, and promoting early intervention and self-care”. Nothing out of them is getting true except one thing and that is early hospital discharges.