'Britain's Fattest Orangutan' Oshine Loses 25kg on Diet

'Britain's Fattest Orangutan' Oshine Loses 25kg on DietIn what would certainly prove the best and the most rewarding thing ever done by a 14-year-old Oshine for herself, the obese orangutan has drastically dropped around 25% of her body weight following a well-planned diet that was extensively swapped of sweets for vegetables and fruits.

The 14 years old Oshine was scaling at around 100kg (220lb) when she found the Dorset-based South African Monkey World ape rescue centre earlier in August 2011. Monkey World is utterly famous for being home to the only orangutan crèche found in Europe.

During her stay at the centre, the Bornean orangutan was treated like a pet for around 12 years and during that period, she mostly gorged on a diet full of processed foods and sweets.

Having shifted to a diet full of vegetables and fruits, she drastically dropped around 25kg (55lb) that was apparently her objective for the fall of 2011. Oshine now weighs around 75kg (165lb).

At present, she lives along with five other orangutans at the Wareham-based ape rescue centre and has even adopted an orangutan named Silvestre, who was unfortunately an orphaned baby.

She was dubbed as "Britain's fattest orangutan" at the time when she touched the British grounds.

While expressing his opinion in this regard, the Director of Monkey World, Dr. Alison Cronin claimed: “Oshine has been eating a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and lean protein the same as the rest of our orangutans. Combined with the exercise of climbing and playing with the youngsters in our orangutan crèche, she is much healthier and a lot more active”.

Dr. Cronin further stated that Oshine still needs to shed around 20kg (44lb) for her betterment and claimed that obese orangutans are highly susceptible towards encountering tragic episodes of high blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments as well as diabetes which can potentially prove terminal for them. Therefore, it is highly advisable that orangutans must maintain appropriate body weight.