New Booze Prices To Be Set

David-CameronThe suggestion of incorporating a minimum booze price on liquor products in the vicinity has been welcomed with open arms by the Hartlepool booze task force. The suggestion was also supported by the Prime Minister David Cameron. This new rule will help in the 4eradication of cheap alcohol which is sold at supermarkets and shops.

There are now going to be effective proposals going to be set up, which will work according to the specific needs of the different parts of the nation.

Jonathan Brash, the Hartlepool Councilor as well as the Chairman of the Hartlepool multi-agency Alcohol Strategy Group, has revealed that they are supportive of the idea and think it is going to be of immense help in setting the standards right for alcohol pricing levels of the nation.

“I hope he follows through on it because here in Hartlepool we will continue to do everything we can to support the responsible majority in tackling the devastating effects of alcohol abuse”, revealed Con Brash.

He further added that he supports and welcomes the idea, if it has been supported by the Prime Minister himself. It was further added that this new move will be able to make responsible drinkers across the nation, as it shall help in pricing the alcohol properly, making it unreachable for people who look for cheap liquor, which might result in harming the health.

The drinking habits of people will have to recue when the price of alcohol goes high. This would decrease the number of illnesses people incur due to excessive drinking in the nation. It’s a matter of time to see how the new move benefits the people and the government interests, and works for the betterment of one and all.