Now Dial 111 for Health Advice, 999 Only for Emergency

Dial-111-999We are now into 2012, and it seems like the NHS trusts have decided to let bygones be bygones.

It’s certainly time to move on now and when we say move on, it certainly means making things better and better for patients seeking NHS services in moderate to high emergency situations.

So with the start of 2012, NHS has decided to make things lot more straightforward for patients seeking immediate notice because of any kind of medical urgency. With the purpose of making things less complicated for individual throughout the region, the authorities have instigated a health line that will be mulling over enhancing services being provided to patients who are in need for non-urgent health care services. It will also decrease the volume of unnecessary calls being made to 999, thereby making it almost a cinch that people won’t be missing out on urgent medical attention. At present, the service has been initiated in the NHS trusts of Derbyshire.

According to the new-flanged service, meant for dialing 111, the straightforward phone call has been started by NHS Directs for people around Derbyshire, counting the regions close to Bolsover. In straightforward terms, the health authorities have said that an individual can ring 111 when their need for medical attention is less urgent and for soliciting advice spanning from low to moderately urgent situation.

Though the facility of calling 999 is still there, the officials have made it clear that it must be used by people only when there is a dire need for medical attention, with situation demanding critical and urgent assistance. It has reportedly been constructed for the sake of offering patients a better and safe experience of health care services in the region, by which it will make them comfortable and assured that medical help is just a call away in the worst case scenario.

In addition to it, the cam go for any kind of relevant facilities in the right moment, regardless of the point whether it has any point to wager over their local GP.

While expressing his opinion regarding the introduction of 111, Jackie Pendleton, an official from North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group stated that the idea is to interact with a single patient over a single call, thereby thwarting even the slightest of possibilities of call backs. Also, 111 will have a feature of transferring callers to 999 in case it feels the situation is urgent.