Cancer Sufferers Prescribed Nearly 10,000 Treatments by Special Funds

Cancer Sufferers Prescribed Nearly 10,000 Treatments by Special FundsCancer cases are severely on a rise, and thus the concerned authorities are trying their best to effectively serve as many patients as they can.

Following similar efforts, NHS temporary fund has succeeded in prescribing approximately 10,000 treatments to cancer sufferers till now. A large number of patients were earlier denied the same with an excuse that the medicine is not cost effective.

The Government's £200 million scheme has plans to successfully assist all those suffering from bowel, breast, prostate, head, neck and various other types of cancers. The scheme has also enabled patients to get special assistance from the Cancer Drugs Fund for medicine and cancer treatment.

The scheme is serving each and every patient with more than one treatment needed for by him, and thus the number of patients benefitted from the fund could be slightly less than 10,000.

Managed by the Rarer Cancers Foundation, the scheme will serve patients till 2014.

RCF patient support adviser Julia Black notified: "The Cancer Drugs Fund has put patients and doctors back at the heart of decision-making and transformed the way cancer patients are able to access clinically effective cancer treatments, enabling them to gain precious extra time with their families".

The list of the approved treatments under the scheme includes Avastin (treatment for cancers like bowel and breast), Erbitux (used to treat bowel, head and neck cancers), Tyverb (useful for advanced breast cancer), Zytiga (to treat advanced prostate cancer) and Afinitor (successful for various cancer types).

The statements from RCF website has also put some light on the current inequalities regarding care and support that cancer patients in the UK has to face, such as patient's residing place, availability of treatment, etc.