Food Labels A Must To Read Before Gorging On Food

Food Labels A Must To Read Before Gorging On FoodThere is no dearth of information about what to eat and not to eat when it comes to healthy diet, but little was known about many of the dips and spreads, such as hummus. They are found to have surprisingly high calorie content.

It has been found in a recent survey done by the World Cancer Research. There are nearly 66% those living in Britain who are under the impression that hummus is good for health. It has been found that the dip, made from chickpeas, has on an average 332 calories per 100g, which is told to have exceeded the recommended daily intake for women of 10%.

The astonishing thing is that despite having glaring fat content in the food, it has been found to be healthy! Another revelation in the YouGov poll of 2,000 people found nearly 20% living under the impression that banana has the highest calories.

"This troubling lack of understanding is perhaps not helped by labels such as 'light' and 'reduced fat' when these are applied to foods which still have a high calorie content", said a spokesman, who is of the opinion that there are many who are not much aware about the underlying facts of food.

While New Year resolutions are being made at this point of time, there is need to make people aware about making rational judgments about what they want to eat or not. There are large number of people who are not getting too much into the level of ingredients used and that's what is pushing them to eat such unhealthy food. There are efforts required to be made in the direction that health of people is not being overlooked at any point of time.

The team is of the say that there is lot to be done to make the importance of checking food labels more relevant to people.