800,000 Hard-Up Pensioners Left Without Basic Care

Basic-CareDavid Cameron is going through a rough and lean patch these days, and one of his biggest concerns are related to the appalling neglect being faced incessantly by elderly people after their retirement since then not exactly well
-off to afford basic care services.

In this regard, recent reports have revealed that in excess of 800,000 elderly pensioners are stranded in a close-knit lattice of isolation along with all the risk involved in health care services.

However, a joint venture of charity heads, union leaders and health experts has blamed David Cameron for not displaying a sense of responsibility and leadership during the course of the high-voltage scandal.

While expressing its concerns in this regard, the joint panel has recently claimed in a letter that the inevitable confront being faced by the majority of people deals with finding out some concrete measures that can be employed for curbing the rapidly increasing number of elderly people needing health care services in the region.

The letter further read: “It is a challenge which we are failing to meet – resulting in terrible examples of abuse and neglect in parts of the care system. This comes at huge cost to the dignity and independence of older and disabled people, but also to our society, family life and the economy”.

In the meantime, a large number of experts have cautioned full-time carers for offering superfine health care services at the time when elderly relatives are mainly heading towards a breaking point.

Stung by heavy disparagements, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has finally showed his consent towards holding a series of discussions with Andy Burnham, his Labour shadow, ahead of a Government White Paper that is due in the spring.