Hospitals Apologetic for Closing down Wards Amidst Norovirus Outbreak

Hospitals Apologetic for Closing down Wards Amidst Norovirus OutbreakA number of hospitals have apologized to the people for closing down their wards at the time of norovirus outbreak. On the 16th of December, 2011, the outbreak of norovirus was announced at various hospitals.

With the pursuit of limiting the spread of the virus, the Weston Area Health Trust closed down the wards. A spokesperson of the Trust said that the Trust was forced to put a number of cuts over the visiting time so that the outbreak of the virus could be dealt with.

The Acting Director of nursing, Julia Stroud, said, “It is regretful that the norovirus problem has persisted, and it gives us no alternative but to continue with these restrictions… patient safety leaves us no option but to continue with this course of action”.

Because of the outbreak of the virus, a number of people were asked not to visit their ailing relatives and dear ones. Several patients and their family members had to spend Christmas alone because of the outbreak.

However, now it has been announced that the outbreak has been controlled. Still, people are being advised to avoid coming in contact with the infected patients and areas. Although the end of outbreak in hospitals has been announced, the NHS has asked the hospitals to restrict the movement of visitors so that any chance of them getting infected could be prevented.

Acknowledging the guidelines of the NHS, the WARWICK Hospital and Leamington Rehabilitation Hospital kept their wards closed yesterday. It is hoped that the virus, which causes diarrhea and vomiting among the victims, won’t stage a comeback.

Those who believe that they have been infected with the norovirus should stay in their homes. They are advised to take plenty of water and to avoid coming in contact with people.