Increasing Motor Speed Limits Could Lead To Health Problems

BMJIt has been recently revealed by doctors that raising the speed limit of motor vehicles beyond 80mph will tend to put a sort of stress and harm one’s health. These findings were published in the British Medical Journal.

The government was actually considering raising the sped limits from 70mph to 80 mph. The researchers are of the view that with the increase in the speed limit, the gas emissions from vehicles were also bound to increase, and this could give rise to further air pollution. As if the emissions right now aren’t enough, it would tend to plague the environment further and lead to a number of breathing disorders and other health problems in people.

It was further added in the report that this could also lead to obesity in people, which would further put them to a risk of a number of diseases. These might be diabetes, heart problems, and increased blood pressure and so on.

With shortening car journeys people would tend to become even more lazy and dependant on vehicles. This will give rise to a community which is even more dependent on technology, and further give up on things like exercise and physical activity.

Besides this, another very obvious impact on increasing the speed limits is that it could lead to an increase in the number of accidents occurring on the roads. People will be further in a hurry to reach their destinations and this would mean further hustle and bustle on the roads, congesting them further and creating chaos all over.

“It is difficult to see how any benefits of an 80mph speed limit would outweigh the costs."Past evidence shows that speed limit increases lead to substantial rises in road deaths, as well as other potential negative health and economic impacts”, said the authors of the study.