The Two-Day Teetotaler

The Two-Day TeetotalerIt has been recently revealed that the MPS are calling on people to reduce their alcohol intake. According to this people should keep themselves free of alcohol for at least two days each week. This is being thought of as a way to decease the alcohol intake of people and keeping them away from the various side effects as well.

The suggestions are made in the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee. They are of the view that there is need for stricter guidelines to be made in the UK for the purpose of cutting down the levels of illnesses and deaths due to alcohol.

They are of the view that people should not drink for at least two days a week, and detoxify their system of all the acids that can adversely affect the liver. This time period would help their bodies recover from the over-boozing shock that it has been given and would be able to remain fit and functional. It has also been aid that there is need for incorporating some guidelines to make people realize what the sensible drinking patterns and limits are, so that they don’t tend to harm their bodies too much in the ordeal.

“While we urge the UK health departments to re-evaluate the guidelines more thoroughly, the evidence we received suggests the guidelines should not be increased and that people should be advised to take at least two drink- free days a week”, said the Committee chairman Andrew Miller.

A few of the ultimate measures that would be needed for bringing down the alcohol levels in the country would be reducing the availability and increasing the price of alcohol, which would make people drink less and would harm their bodies less.