Racially Discriminated Once Now Earns £50,000 A Year

Racially Discriminated Once Now Earns £50,000 A YearIt has been recently revealed that a hospital manager, who had been given a payout of £1million for racial discrimination, is now earning a sum of £50,000 each year for consultancy work with the NHS surgeons.

The name of the man is Mr. Elliot Browne and he is 55 years old. He earned a sum of £80,000, in the department of health service, and was later suspended from his job. It was claimed that he was fired n due to racial discrimination against him because he was black. In the ordeal he was heartbroken and had suicidal tendencies. He further said that he felt like never working with the NHS again.

For the same, he was given a huge compensation, it being one of the largest given in health service, ad would’ve been enough to fund the recruitment costs of as many as 44 nurses.

Now, however, the man has been given compensation and he is working with the NHS again, earning £56,000 a year. He has set up a consultancy firm in which he advises surgeons.

It was said by Keith Hutson, the Unite regional officer, that this was a job well done and it is a good example set about what the employees need to be given if they are discriminated racially. Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, had to pay for their actions and this was quiet a huge sum they paid.

"Hopefully, this will act as a catalyst for his former employer to face up to their obligations in tackling the culture of institutionalized racism that they seem happy to endorse and that is underpinned by a cavalier attitude in their management style”, it was added further.