Lincolnshire South West Clinical Commissioning Group Signs Contract With Plain Healthcare

Lincolnshire South West Clinical Commissioning Group Signs Contract With Plain HealthcareIt has been announced by Avia that its subsidiary firm Plain Healthcare had recently entered into a contract with Lincolnshire South West Clinical Commissioning Group. As per the contract, it will be responsible for the sales of PathFinderRF.

The Lincolnshire South West Clinical Commissioning Group plays a vital role in providing healthcare services in Lincolnshire, parts of Rutland, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. From time to time, the Group is continuously working towards improving the quality of care being provided to patients.

Together with Odyssey clinical decision support systems and PathFinderRF, Avia is now aiming towards providing solutions to the problems of healthcare service sectors. However, the main goal of Avia is to provide best quality services to the patients and to help them in recovering.

While commenting upon the agreement signed by the two, Barry Giddings, the Chairman of Avia Health Informatics Plcwas, said, "We are very pleased to be working with Lincolnshire South West CCG taking on PathFinderRF and look forward to supporting them to take full advantage of PathFinderRF in supporting cost savings through effective referrals”.

It has been informed that the PathFinderRF is an on-line referral decision support and clinical communication system, which allows primary care organizations and various communication groups to administer referral decision making.

It has been informed that in the month of June, Avia acquired the intellectual property rights to sell and manage development of PathFinderRF. Previously, the Nene Commissioning Group had the rights of the PathFinderRF.

Through this deal, Avia is looking forward of working with many other Commissioning Groups. The agreement was signed between the two on 10th of January. It is hoped that the agreement would prove fruitful for both the firms and would also provide better care to patients.