Toronto's First Baby of 2012 Dies

Toronto's First Baby of 2012 DiesIt has been tragically revealed that the first baby of the year 2012 for Toronto has died. It was only a few days ago that the proud parents welcomed baby Ming Shui, merely 40 seconds at the New Year’s Eve.

In merely 5 days, all the happiness of the family turned into inconsolable grief, when the baby died due to an unknown cause on the January 5. It has been revealed that the baby was supposed to be back to the clinic for examination, but the parents had failed to make the trip. It was twice that they missed appointments for the health check up for the baby, and it resulted in the fatality.

It has been said by the Scarborough Hospital that it is an extremely tragic incident and that their condolences are with the family to make them live through the tough time. “The case has been referred to the coroner's office, as is the normal procedure, and the hospital will conduct a thorough internal review as well, as is our normal procedure”, it was said further.

The family had just migrated from China, and it was on the birth of the baby that Yichaun Lei said how there wasn’t anyone here for helping the couple through the time of labor. He said they had relatives back in China, but here they only had the nurses and the doctor to take care of the mother and the child.

There is now a thorough investigation going to be conducted to find out what the case of death for the child was, and whether it could’ve been averted with timely action. There is need for making out the reason so that such tragic and heartbreaking incidences can be avoided in the future.