IVF Clinics Should Be Allowed To Transfer Two Embryos, Says Study

IVF Clinics Should Be Allowed To Transfer Two Embryos, Says StudyAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that two embryos are comparatively better than one in case you are soliciting an IVF baby, though three embryos must be avoided in any case.

In this regard, a recently conducted study, which was carried out by researchers from the University of Bristol and the University of Glasgow, has claimed that the risk of multiple birth increases manifolds in the majority of cases allied to the use of three or more embryos during IVF.

During the course of study, wherein the researchers diagnosed as many as 124,148 IVF cycles, the researchers found a comparatively elevated level of theta of multiple births, which has a tendency of leading into pre-eclampsia and prematurity, when the IVF process involves three or more embryos.

The decisions regarding the number of embryos to be implanted during the course of a solitary IVF cycle are somehow fairly contentious, with a handful of fertility clinics regularly being blamed for taking extended amount of risks with the health and life of women by going for implants involving various embryos for the sake of spiking up their possibilities of having a baby.

The latest research conducted in this regard, which has been made available in the medical journal The Lancet, has claimed that three or more embryo implants must not be considered in any case, regardless of the age of the woman seeking IVF, mainly because there is a high risk involved in the process.

While expressing their views regarding the findings of their recent study, the authors of the study, Prof. Scott Nelson and Prof. Debbie Lawlor, said: “We conclude no more than two embryos should be transferred into women of any age”.