EU Laws Allowing Incompetent Doctors to Work in the NHS, Patients at Risk

EU Laws Allowing Incompetent Doctors to Work in the NHS, Patients at RiskAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that the laws of the European Union are unduly laws subjecting the lives of British patients to extended risk by permitting incompetent, less-skilled and badly trained doctors from overseas to work for the NHS.

The reports have been confirmed by a handful of senior doctors who have warned that such a practice can certainly result in something disastrous for patients seeking medical health care treatments all over the United Kingdom.

While expressing their opinion regarding the critical issue, two senior doctors from the NHS, the President of the Royal College of Physicians, Sir Richard Thompson, and the President of the Royal College of Surgeons, Prof. Norman Williams, have averred that there is certainly an 'urgent action' required in case the government is one bit willing for combating the 'huge variations' prevailing in the training and quality of doctors coming from other nations.

As per stats, in excess of one-third of all doctors, around 88,000, who are working currently in the United Kingdom are foreign-trained.

The pair figures out that the majority of doctors trained in foreign nations are continuously being given jobs needing high skills, experience as well as responsibility, regardless of the fact that the majority of these doctors are not even completely able to speak English. They claimed that such an act can certainly tarnish the repute of the NHS, and there is therefore an urgent need to sort out the issue that can result in creating hurdles for patients seeking quality health care.

While briefing the issue of concern, Dr Williams and Dr Thompson explained: “The language competency of doctors from the EU working in Britain, and the stifling effect of the European Working Time Directive on the time that trainee doctors have to learn on the job need urgent action”.