Hospitals Accused of Exaggerating Meals’ Costs

Hospitals Accused of Exaggerating Meals’ CostsAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that hospital trusts are continuously being blamed for exaggerating the amount of expenditure they must make on the food being given to patients by working out some sort of manipulative official figures.

In this regard, the National Health Service has recently released a data that claims a wide disparities prevailing in the expenses being made by hospital trusts on feeding the hospitalized patients. The stats, which have been recently released from the NHS Information Centre, have clearly demonstrated the fact that a handful of hospitals are spending an amount of even less than £3 a day for feeing in-patients with items of high priority such as food and drink for patients hospitalized at the trusts, while the reports have even claimed that there a some of the hospitals spending in excess of £10 for feeding each patient on a daily basis.

As per reports, the Western Sussex trust has been accused of spending the least amount for feeing its in-patients. Claiming it to be the lowest-spending trust, the reports have revealed that it hardly doles out in excess of £2.57 for feeding one patient in a day.

On the other hand, the reports have even found some trendsetters in the field, such as those in the like of Wiltshire hospital trust which, on an average, spends in excess of £22 per patient a day for food, drinks and other useful eatables.

While expressing her opinion regarding the sorry state of the hospital trusts in terms of expenses being made by them on feeding in-patients, an ex-chairman of the National Association of Hospital Friends, Lady Miller, said that it clearly implies that that the stats covered the amounts that the majority of trusts spend in actual fact for feeding in-patients.

She further added: “It is including in it not just the food and drink but other costs like transport, staff time, lots of other factors too”.