Study Reveals Test to Track Cases of Inherited Prostate Cancer

Study Reveals Test to Track Cases of Inherited Prostate CancerIn a recent report, it has been made clear that a simple test would be able to track down the gene which can trigger the risk of prostate cancer to as much as 20 times high. Published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, the study is told to have made a significant difference in the development of hereditary prostate cancer.

This research could change the face of medical science in the time to come as this study has affirmed that this simple test would allow men who have medical history of prostate cancer to get identified with prostate cancer within safe time. This research was made possible after 20 long years of incessant efforts from a team at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Michigan Health System.

It has been known that there are more chances for men to get treated for prostate cancer in case they report their medical concern within safe time. There are nearly 37,000 cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in Britain each year and this is what has made the situation a lot difficult to manage.

“We found that the mutation was significantly more common in men with a family history and early diagnosis compared with men diagnosed later, after age 55, without a family history. The difference was 3.1 per cent versus 0.62 per cent, said Dr. Kathleen Cooney, Professor of internal medicine and urology at the U-M Medical School, who is involved in the study.

This study has once again raised the issue of prostate cancer which is told to have extended its reach to many countries across the world. There is need for such efforts to be extended further so that such cases could be dealt with utmost attention and being given the deserving treatment.