Abu Dhabi sets for more paid parking spaces in New Year

Abu Dhabi has been working on plans to extend its paid parking scheme during the first quarter of the next financial year by increasing the number of parking to 3,725 located between Hamdan Street and Zayed II Street. The new parkings are proposed to be helpful for residents in the area.

The director of parking at the department, Najib Al Zarooni informed, "The pay-to-park system, rolled out in Abu Dhabi in October, is working really well, creating a dramatic improvement in parking. The scheme will be extended to another section located between Hamdan Street and Zayed II Street in Q1 next year."

Al Zarouni informed that fees were applicable to around 2,500 spaces in the region while the next stage of the parking program, and said that Mawaqif would be covered in the second quarter of the next financial year.

Paid parking is aimed to be applied to around 75,000 parking spaces across 43 locations of the city. 5,000 spaces for underground car parking would also be developed according to the plans.

However, there is still a scarcity of parking spaces with demand rises to more than 100,000 spaces in the peak season as more and more people are getting driving license.