PIP Implant Scandal: Andrew Lansley Criticizes Pvt. Medical Companies

It got revealed recently that the private medical companies which earlier inserted PIP breast implant in the women are now refusing to replace them for free. This has led the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, to take up the matter.

He has severely criticized those private medical companies which are not fulfilling their moral duties and has asked them to ‘step up to their responsibilities’. He also asserted that the NHS would provide every clinical help to the women.

Not a long time has passed when Lansley said that there is no medical urgency to get those PIP implants removed, as till now no reported case has come forth regarding them. Now also, he said that there is no doubt that the women should get concerned about the faulty implant issue, but there is no need to panic.

Soon a cross party discussion would be initiated in which Lansley would be discussing the implant issue with all the political members. The main aim of the issue would be to bring some changes in the system so that the PIP incident could not get repeated.

In order to get those changes, Lansley said that he is ready to bring new rules. He also affirmed that if the private medical companies would not step forth then he would make sure that they get their due punishments.

Lansley said that he is also thinking to conduct an investigation on those companies which are not fulfilling their responsibilities. He further affirmed, "I am not happy about private providers not stepping up to their responsibilities at all. I think the argument that they somehow can't afford to do so begs the question: where was their insurance? Where were they insuring themselves against their liabilities?”

Even the Labour party members are not happy with the attitude of the private medical companies. They have asked the government to call for stricter action against them.