Scientists in Britain Introduce Dye Spray for Oesophageal Cancer Patients

fluorescentA team of scientists has developed a fluorescent dye spray that would be able to spot cancer of throat at an early stage, a recent report has revealed. It is being said that the spray would help in finding out where the disease is being developed. The development has raised a ray of hope in thousands of oesophageal cancer patients in Britain.

Oesophagus cancer has been found to be a fatal disease and one of the most life threatening cancers as it is often diagnosed incorrectly. Also, sometimes it is even missed and it becomes too late until it could be diagnosed. Current detecting methods have also been found wrong, which include invasive treatment that is unnecessary.

Further, it has been revealed that sometimes the treatment is so strong that oesophagus, the food pipe connecting throat to stomach, is needed to be removed. Moreover, the treatment methods are costly and uncomfortable for patients. Morse star John Thaw had died of the deadly disease, says the report.

The discovery of the spray by the team of scientists can provide a clear mark about where in the throat the disease is developing. It has been told by the team that the throat spray glues to healthy cells in the oesophagus and does not affix itself to cancer cells or the cells that are in the early stages of developing into cancer cells. This would be a big help in detecting the disease at an earlier stage.

The team says that timely detection of cancer would help to zap cancer cells with the help of an electric current and would not require a surgery to kill them. “This could spare patients radical surgery to remove the oesophagus that can result in having to eat much smaller more regular meals and worse acid-reflux”, says Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald, a lead researcher of the Cancer Cell Unit in Medical Research Council in Cambridge.