Blood Vessels Created in Laboratories

blood-VesselsIt has been reported that a recent research led by an Indian-origin researcher, Dr. Sanjay Sinha, in the UK has successfully created blood vessels in the laboratory. The research took place at the Cambridge University.

It is for the very first time when the blood vessels have been created, which is safe for the clinical use. The researchers are hopeful that the findings would pave the way for an effective treatment for life threatening diseases like heart attack.

For the past several years, the medical experts have been using the skin cells of patients for conducting surgeries like heart bypass surgery. But with the creation of blood vessels, the doctors and surgeons would be able to conduct tricky bypass surgeries.

While expressing happiness over the findings, Dr. Sanjay Sinha said, “We are very excited about its potential. They could be used to build an artificial artery in a test tube or the stem cells could be injected straight into the heart and they could form within it”.

The researchers have claimed that there invention would be medically safe to be used on various types of surgeries in which transplantation is required. The findings of the research have been published in the journal, Nature Biotechnology.

Jeremy Pearson from British Heart Foundation has appraised the findings of the researchers saying that the finding would bring revolution in the medical science. It is estimated that in Britain about one in three deaths are caused by heart attack. With the advancement in the treatment, these lives could be saved.

However, further studies would be conducted so that any health related complications in the treatment could be solved timely. More than 28,000 people in the UK go for heart bypass. With the improved technique these patients could be treated effectively.