NHS Seems Stepping on Neurology Disease Landmine, It’s Touch and Go

Neurology-DiseaseIt seems like the NHS in the United Kingdom is facing an odd time and nothing even seems promising ahead to look forward to, at least never if the NHS fails to surmount the serious neurological conditions existing throughout the region.

It is fairly evident that England is speedily surrendering in front of severe health conditions such as those in the likes of Parkinson's disease and that’s what making the government sweat bullets.

Along the same line, the representative of more than 70 groups, the Neurological Alliance, has recently averred that an amalgamation of steadily spiking cases related to the disease and inferior services is deeply troubling the entire nation.

The alliance further condemned the NHS for the entire condition in progress at present as it is fairly evident that various health complications are shrouding over the entire nation, and Parkinson's disease is one of those.

In addition, the alliance further claimed that the NHS is perhaps having its "head in the sand".

The Government, in contrast, asserted that it is completely heedful of the condition and knows that something needs to be done at earliest in order to make sure people are safe and sound. It claimed that the government is working on all aspects related to eradication of the disease from the region, and is completely mindful of the fact that there is still an urgent need for doing something out of the box in order to solve the matter and relieve people from their sufferings by curbing the dreadful influence of neurological conditions.

While revealing his viewpoints regarding the issue, the Chairman of Neurological Alliance, Steve Ford, said that: “A crisis is looming but the government has its head in the sand”.