British Mother Forced To Take Son to Germany for Cancer Surgery

Sam-KnightonIt has been revealed recently that a mother who was forced to take her son suffering from cancer to Germany for surgery would return England this Friday. It is not that Zac Knighton’s family did not try to get his surgery in the NHS but every time it got cancelled.

This led Zac’s mother Sam Knighton, 43, to take him to Germany at the University Hospital Greifswald which specializes in treating neuroblastoma. It is one of the forms of the cancer from which seven-year-old Zac was suffering from.

Only good part of this incident that the NHS agreed to help the mother and assured that they would pay the travel expenditure as well as the cost of the surgery that had taken place in Germany. It was in 2008 when Zac got diagnosed with cancer in the abdomen. Then as well, he was taken to Germany for second opinion but at the family’s cost.

The family thought that they would get the surgery done in England, but they were refused twice at different hospitals but with a same reason and that was shortage of pediatric beds.

First they went to Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre and the operation got scheduled. But at last moment the operation got canceled due to the shortage of pediatric beds. They then approached Leicester Royal Infirmary which agreed to conduct the operation in which Zac’s cancerous lymph nodes were to be removed.

Yet again the operation got cancelled just one hour before the surgery due to the same reason that there was unavailability of pediatric beds. Both the incidents agitated Sam who talked to Zac’s consultant in Germany and fixed an operation date.

The operation is done and Zac is having great recovery. The family is reported to fly back to England this Friday.